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We focus on moving so you can focus on your business.

Whether you need to relocate an employee to a new city, or move your entire office to a new space, we can help make it easier. We allow more time to pack and unpack, and interim storage is built into our service.

Where are you moving to?

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Corporate Relocation & Business Moving Services

BigSteelBox Moving Truck

Moving & Relocating Employees

We make relocating and transferring staff easier and more affordable for companies.

Our moving service is less stressful for employees because it allows at least one month to pack, load, move and unpack. Most other long distance moving companies will require the loading and unloading of a move to happen in 1 or 2 days.


Business Moving Services

If you’re moving your office to a different location in the same city, or to a different city in another province, we can help.

We’ll work with your company to minimize disruption and down time for your business by allowing you to dictate the schedule of the move. And, if you need storage at any point during the move, we have you covered.


Why does moving with BigSteelBox feel better?


Our moving service provides you with extra time for packing and unpacking. Whether you’re moving your business, or relocating an employee, the extra time makes the whole experience less stressful.


If your employee’s move-out and move-in dates don’t line up, or if your business is in transition, we can provide storage at one of our secure facilities. It’s already built into the moving service.


We’ll deliver and pick up your BigSteelBox on your schedule. The extra time and flexibility are ideal for moving a business, because most companies need to keep operating during the transition.

How does it work?

Graphic showing how BigSteelBox local moving service works

We’ll deliver a BigSteelBox to your current location as far in advance of your move as needed. You can take your time packing it.


When your BigSteelBox is loaded, give us a call. We’ll pick it up and move it to your new location. Or, if you need storage in between, we’ll move your container to our secure storage facility until you need it delivered.


After your BigSteelBox has been delivered to your new location, take your time unpacking it. When it’s empty, just let us know and we’ll come pick up the empty container.

Graphic showing how BigSteelBox long distance moving service works

When relocating an employee to a new city, we’ll deliver a BigSteelBox to their current home as far in advance of their move as needed. They can can take your time loading it.


When they’re done packing their BigSteelBox, we’ll pick it up and move it to the local BigSteelBox store where it will be safely stored until it is picked up by a long haul trucking company to be transported to their new city.


When their BigSteelBox arrives in their new city, it will be delivered to the local BigSteelBox store. We’ll let them know it has been received, so they can either schedule a delivery to their new home, or keep it in our storage yard until their new home is ready.


When they’re done unpacking the BigSteelBox at their new home, they can just give us a call, and we’ll come pick up the empty container.

Ready to feel better?