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Electrical Packages

Make your storage space more comfortable and efficient by adding an electrical package. When you buy a container from BigSteelBox, we make it easy for you to add power, heating, cooling and lights.

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Choose the electrical package that works for you.

Adding lighting, heating or cooling to your shipping container is easy. Simply choose the BigSteelBox you want (new or used) and the electrical package that works best for you, and we’ll have it installed before delivery. With 13 modification service centers across our network, and a 1-year warranty that covers all the work, it’s a solution that will fit your budget and give you a little extra peace of mind.

Lighting package for modified shipping containers - BigSteelBox

Lights Only Package

If you’ll need to regularly access the items you’re storing in your container – day or night – then adding lights is a great option so you can always see and find what you’re looking for.

Our lighting package features LED lights to brighten your space, plug-ins and a pigtail extension cord. This is especially helpful if you have items stored in boxes on shelves built into your container.

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Heat and lights package for modified shipping containers - BigSteelBox

Heat and Lights Package

If you’ll be using your modified container as a work space, or storage for temperature-sensitive equipment or items, heating and lighting is a must. If you’re adding heating to your modified container, adding insulation is also a must.

With our heat and lights package you get an electrical panel, lights, plug-ins and a ceiling mounted forced air heater that doesn’t get in the way of wall space. This allows you to store items that need climate control or allows you to work comfortably in those harsh Canadian winters.

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Air conditioning unit on a modified shipping container with heat, lights and cooling package - BigSteelBox

Heat, Lights and Cooling Package

Adding heat, lights and cooling to your modified shipping container is the complete electrical package. It includes everything in our lighting package as well as a temperature controlled unit.

In Canada, we get both extreme hot and cold weather. Adding a 6,000 BTU air conditioning unit to your container will keep you and your space cool when needed. And of course, if you’re adding heating and cooling to your modified container, you’ll also want to add insulation.

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