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Rent or Buy Storage Container, Whatever Feels Better to You

Based on our rental rates and sale pricing for a new shipping container, the break-even point is just over 3 three years. So, if you know you'll need portable storage for more than 3 years, you're probably already thinking about buying a container. But, if you'll need it for a shorter period of time, then renting a storage container at BigSteelBox makes the most sense.

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Should You Rent or Buy?

Most customers already have a good idea of whether they want to rent or buy a storage container, and usually it’s simply based on whether the need is temporary or permanent.

Based on our rental rates and sale pricing for a new shipping container, the break even point is just over three years. If you’re planning on renting a BigSteelBox for more than 3 years, you’re probably already considering whether or not you would be better off buying.

While the math is pretty straight-forward, there are other things to take into consideration that may make renting a more attractive option. Call us today to discuss your options with one of our experienced Storage Consultants: 1-800-373-1187.

Benefits of Renting a Storage Container

If you just need a temporary storage solution for a few months, then renting is the best choice for you. However, even if you need long term storage, there are other things to take into consideration that might make renting a better option than buying:

Cash Flow

A lower monthly cost is better for short-term cash flow. Many business customers who manage projects for third parties prefer to rent, because their monthly rental fee becomes an expense that is billed to the client as a project cost.


Having your storage unit tagged with graffiti is not cool and can be expensive to fix. That’s why we offer optional vandalism protection on rented units. It eliminates the risk of our customers having to pay for damages out of their pocket.


When you rent a BigSteelBox, it’s easy to change to a larger or smaller size. No need to go through the process of selling and buying again. Just give us a call and we’ll switch out your container with the size that fits your current needs.


While a BigSteelBox will last a long time, after a number of years they can start to look dated and weathered. If you’re renting, you can always swap it out for a newer container at any time. So, if image is important, then renting may be better for you.

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Benefits of Buying a Storage Container

If you’re looking for a permanent storage solution that you know you’ll use for more than 3 years, then buying a shipping container may be the best option for you. Purchasing a container also allows you to make modifications to your container, whether they are small changes like adding paint or decals, or larger modifications like adding a door, window, insulation, electrical, etc.

Choose Location for Storage Prices

We sell new containers in 8', 10', 20' or 40'. Used containers for sale come in 20' and 40'.
Pricing and availability varies by location. Please call us for details.

Comparing New & Used Shipping Containers For Sale

New BigSteelBoxes are “one-trip” containers, received directly from our manufacturing plant in China. They’re white, have waist-height door handles, and Lock Boxes welded to the doors.

Used containers come in 3 different grades (low, mid, or high), may have some rust, dents, and come in different colours. Lock Boxes can be purchased and installed prior to delivery. We encourage customers to visit a BigSteelBox store before making a decision.

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