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Shipping Container Offices

Built from new, one-trip BigSteelBoxes, we have 20’ mobile container offices available for rent from select locations, and for sale through all our stores.

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Mobile Offices for Rent or Sale

20' Shipping Container Office - BigSteelBox

If you’re looking to rent or purchase a portable site office, we can help!

We have 8’x20′ container offices available for rent and for sale through all our stores across Canada. Because we have stock on hand, these finished offices can be ordered and delivered on a relatively short timeline.

BigSteelBox offices are primarily used on construction sites and in industrial settings, but there are many other applications for them. Wherever a comfortable, temporary workspace is required, a container office is a great solution.

Read on to learn the advantages of using a steel shipping container office, or “sea can office” as they’re sometimes called, over a wood-frame trailer.

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Why are shipping container offices better than wood-frame trailers?


A BigSteelBox office is much more durable and secure than a wood frame trailer. Composed of corten corrugated steel, a shipping container is designed to “weather the storm” and provides both security and strength in the harshest climates.


Shipping containers are built to withstand the heavy abuse of ocean travel and constant movement. With multiple lifting points and a rigid steel frame, a BigSteelBox office can be easily transported around your site or moved to a new one.


In shipyards, these life-size building blocks are commonly stacked up to 9 units high. Unlike a wood frame trailer office, a BigSteelBox office improves the utilization of space with its ability to sit on sidewalk hoarding or stack on top of, or under, storage containers.

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