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Get to know the features of our shipping containers, inside and out.

Security is the biggest advantage to using a shipping container for moving and storage. But, it’s the extra features we add to the inside and outside of our containers that make them BigSteelBoxes.

Our different sizes give you flexibility to choose.

Graphic showing what fits in a 8' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

Graphic showing what fits in a 8' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

8' BigSteelBox

This size container is great if you just need a little extra space. It's also perfect if you’re looking for an extra tool shed or space to store some seasonal gear that's taking up too much room in your garage. Interior dimensions: 7'6" x 6'11" x 6'9" (351 cu.ft.)

Graphic showing what fits in a 10' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

Graphic showing what fits in a 10' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

10' BigSteelBox

The 10' BigSteelBox is used by customers moving to or from a smaller living space, like a condo or apartment. You can usually fit the contents of a moderately furnished 1-bedroom home in the 10' moving container. Interior dimensions: 9'4" x 7'8" x 7'10" (564 cu.ft.)

Graphic showing what fits in a 20' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

Graphic showing what fits in a 20' BigSteelBox moving and storage container

20' BigSteelBox

Our 20' BigSteelBox is the most commonly used size for residential moving and storage. The contents of a moderately furnished 2 to 4-bedroom home usually fits into a 20' (excluding appliances). If you have a 5+ bedroom home you'll probably need an extra 10' or 20'. Interior dimensions: 19'4" x 7'9" x 7'10" (1,172 cu.ft.)

Need a bigger BigSteelBox?

If you have enough room on your property to accommodate a larger container and want to buy or rent a 40′ BigSteelBox, we have that size too. Please note, however, that we cannot move a loaded 40′ container. If you’ll need your loaded container moved in the future, then renting two 20′ containers is the best option for you.


Learn more about how to choose the right sized BigSteelBox.
Or, call us at 1-800-373-1187 for more information and a free quote for any sized moving or storage container.

It's the details that make a shipping container a BigSteelBox:

BigSteelBox shipping container security features

BigSteelBox shipping container security features

1. Corten Corrugated Steel

Designed to withstand the heavy abuse of transport on ocean, rail or roads. Bridges are made out of this stuff!

2. Heavy-Duty Rubber Gaskets

Located on both sides of the door. Creates a tight seal on the doors. No leaking, even with heavy rain or melting snow.

3. Add Shelving

We rent and sell shelving brackets, allowing you to install shelving in a matter of minutes. Just connect the shelving bracket to the D-rings and add your own 2"x10" boards. Keeps everything organized.

4. Steel Lock Box

This steel shield surrounds your padlock so that it can't be accessed with bolt cutters. Your valuables will be safe.

5. D-Rings

These are located every 4' on the interior walls. Makes securing your load easy during transport. Keeps your belongings safe and intact.

6. Elevated Flooring

Prevents ground level water, mud and ice from entering the container, keeping your stuff dry.

7. Steel Locking Arms

Doors maintain a tight seal by hooking onto rings at the top and bottom rails. Keeps rain, rodents and everything else out.

Find out what size BigSteelBox you’ll need.

Wondering what size BigSteelBox you’ll need? Use the space calculator below for an estimate on the size and number of containers you’ll need.
For a formal quote, please give us a call at 1-800-373-1187 or request your quote online.

*The result of the calculation above is only an estimate and required space will vary for each customer. Please contact us directly to confirm the size (and number) of container(s) you’ll need.

How We Deliver a BigSteelBox

How much space is needed?

graphic showing space needed for a BigSteelBox container delivery

We need at least 70-feet of space in a direct line to place a 20′ BigSteelBox. This includes the length of the container, the length of the deck that extends backwards and the length of the truck.

Our trucks are equipped with decks that extend off the back, and then tilt down. The corner posts of the container are lowered onto wooden blocks to protect the surface of your driveway, and to keep the container level. The truck then slowly moves forward until the other end of the container is lowered onto blocks.

As long as the site is clear and there is enough space, the whole delivery process usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Will my contents shift?

BigSteelBox moving container delivered to a homeWhen we load or unload your BigSteelBox during a pick-up or delivery, the container will be tilted on a slight angle. However, the entire process moves very slowly, and the force on your contents is minor compared to what they would experience during any form of transport.

Whenever contents are moved by truck (full-service mover, rental truck or moving container), the turning, braking and going up and down hills impacts your contents far more than the delivery or pick-up of a BigSteelBox.

It’s very important to pack your contents carefully, load them properly, and ensure everything inside the container is secured with tie downs using the D-rings along the inside of your BigSteelBox. VIDEO: How We Deliver & Load Your BigSteelBox

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