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How We Deliver & Pick Up a BigSteelBox – Video

Our customers often ask how much their contents are going to move during the transport of their BigSteelBox.

In this video we explain just how gentle the loading and delivery process of a BigSteelBox moving container is on your things, and we offer some tips for packing your BigSteelBox for transport.

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*Note regarding packing tips: If you’re are using a mattress to secure your belongings inside a BigSteelBox, we recommend you make sure the mattress is not pressed directly against the doors of the BigSteelBox.

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Video Transcription:

One of the questions that we commonly get asked by our customers is how much are my contents going to move and shift during the loading process and while they’re being transported down the road. And to that, we always have two answers.

The first is that the decks on our trucks don’t tilt more during the loading process than they would driving up and down hills, and it actually happens very slowly so the entire loading process is very gentle on your contents.

The second is that driving your contents from point A to point B will always put more pressure on the load from the starting, stopping, and turning than our loading process will. So, whether you’re moving with BigSteelBox, a moving company, or a rental truck, it’s important that your contents are secured safely for transport at all times.

We’ve seen lots of really creative ways that our customers will pack their contents into a BigSteelBox and all that we try to do is make it as easy as possible for you to store your contents securely.

One of the things that we’ve done is we’ve added d-rings at the top and bottom of our BigSteelBox every four feet, so when a 20 foot BigSteelBox like the one that I’m in right now, there are 20 different places along the walls that you can tie down in order to secure your contents.

Maybe my favourite way that our customers have ever tired down their contents in a BigSteelBox is they’ve started by taking all of their cardboard boxes and pushing them to the very back of the BigSteelBox and stacking them from floor to ceiling.

When they’re out of easily stackable items, they’ll take their mattress and push it up against the contents like a big wall.*

Then what they’ll do is they’ll take a tie-down item like either a ratchet strap or a rope, and they’ll actually use the d-rings that come pre-installed to make a big X right across the BigSteelBox which secures the mattress in place and stops any of the boxes from shifting around during transportation.