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Storage isn't effortless, but for retail stores, it's pretty close.

We understand many retail businesses need reliable, secure storage seasonally or year-round. With the flexibility to store containers at your place or ours, you'll always have space for extra inventory.

Why choose BigSteelBox for your retail business storage?

BigSteelBox storage container at retail location

We’ll work with you to find a storage solution that works best for your business.

A BigSteelBox is a great solution for retailers who need storage for excess inventory, seasonal items, or business equipment.

Every rental container comes equipped with a Lock Box that protects your padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters, so your things will be safe.

Plus, our BigSteelBox will arrive clean and white, so you can count on us to make a good impression on your customers. Call us today for pricing:


We’ve got your retail storage needs covered.

Seasonal Storage

On site storage makes it simple for your store to change from Halloween to Christmas to Easter with ease! Keep your displays and inventory close by or store them at our secure location.

Manage Inventory

Impress your customers! You’ll avoid clutter and keep your retail space organized when you store excess inventory in a BigSteelBox just outside your door.

Grow Revenue

Our monthly rental rates are very affordable, and portable storage will make your operation more efficient. Plus, you’ll free up merchandising space to increase revenue.

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