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Top 3 Reasons Modified Steel Shipping Containers are Better than Wood Frame Buildings

BigSteelBox has been modifying shipping containers for years. Our knowledgeable team is ready to work with you to build your perfect modified shipping container and deliver a quality product in a short period of time.

Whether you need a site office, heated and lit storage, or an insulated space with a window and door, we can usually complete your modified BigSteelBox and have it ready for delivery within 2-3 weeks.

There are many reasons to choose a steel structure over a wood frame building, and even more reasons to choose BigSteelBox to create your modified container. Here are just a few…

1) Steel Buildings are More Portable

Forklift moving a shipping container office

The shipping container was designed with transportation in mind. You can ship them by boat, truck or train and they are virtually indestructible. With multiple lifting points and a rigid steel frame, containers can be craned, forklifted or flown into almost any location.

This is especially important for worksite offices that are moved and used at different locations for many years. When you choose a steel container office you’re investing in a quality product that will stand up to years of abuse on any worksite and in any climate.

2) Superior Strength and Durability of Steel

A BigSteelBox is a shipping container that is composed of corten corrugated steel and has been designed and built to withstand the heavy abuse of ocean travel and consistent movement. Opposed to traditional steel, when corten steel is exposed to the elements it creates a skin of rust, which actually acts as a rust inhibitor.

Unlike traditional wood structures, a modified BigSteelBox can be refurbished and repurposed, even after many years in the field. It’s lifespan is much longer than a wood-frame building, making it an excellent long-term investment.

3) Shipping Container Buildings are Stackable

Storage container stacked on top of a container office

These life size Lego blocks are commonly stacked in shipping yards up to 9 units high, fully loaded, which proves their superior strength but also their convenience. Whether for interim storage or for a smaller footprint, the structural integrity of a steel container makes saving space simple.

For example, if you have limited space on a job site and you need an office and a secure storage for tools, equipment and supplies, you can stack the BigSteelBox container office on top of the storage container and add stairs to the office door. Problem solved!

Our team at BigSteelBox is ready to make storage feel better for you and your company. We focus on meeting your storage needs so you can focus on your business. Call us today at 1-800-373-1187 or request a free quote online for storage or a modified container.

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