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Tips for Buying a New or Used Shipping Container – Video

We sell both new and used shipping containers from all of our BigSteelBox stores across Canada. Here’s a brief description of new vs. used shipping containers:

  • New BigSteelBoxes are “one-trip” containers, received directly from our manufacturing plant in China. They’re white, have waist-height door handles, and Lock Boxes welded to the doors.
  • Used containers come in 3 different grades (low, mid, or high), may have some rust, dents, and come in different colours. Lock Boxes can be purchased and installed prior to delivery. We encourage customers to visit a BigSteelBox store before making a decision.

If you’re looking to purchase a shipping container that will be placed in a highly visible location where looks matter, or you’re planning to store goods that you want to keep in pristine condition, like paperwork or furniture, we recommend purchasing a new BigSteelBox.

If you’re looking for a container to store things like yard or farm equipment, dirt bikes, quads or sleds*, and you’re not worried about exterior appearance, a used container may be the best option for you.

Call us at 1-800-373-1187  or request a quote to find out more about buying or renting a BigSteelBox.

*Please note, for safety reasons all fuel tanks should always be empty when stored inside a shipping container.